Got Questions? We have answers!


It couldn’t be easier to apply online for title loans. We have a short form that thousands of borrowers have used in the past. The estimate form is displayed prominently on our site–in fact, it’s on this page a little bit to the right–and only has a few questions. If you know or can easily find out the make, model, style, year, and mileage of your vehicle, you’ll have absolutely no problems filling out the form. We also ask for a bit of personal information. By personal information, we don’t mean anything too specific; we just need your name and your contact info so we can send messages about your application.


This is all the information that is needed, as we don’t run credit checks during the application process. Without a credit check and experienced specialists, a customized response is usually sent out in the span of a few seconds.

What is the difference between a registration loan and a car title loan?

Our site is all about registration loans. For that type of a loan, a borrower must show a lender proof of car registration. In contrast, the latter option requires that a borrower own a car outright, so the title can be used as collateral. For the majority of cases, if you have a lien-free vehicle, it’s a smart idea to pursue a collateral-based loan because it comes with the lowest interest rates. If you’re unsure about what option is best for you, don’t fret. You can complete one application form and when it comes time to talk to a specialist on the phone, you’ll be able to figure out a great solution.


While there are a lot of differences between the two, they actually share a lot in common. There’s a simple 3 step process, lenders are located conveniently nearby, and safety remains a top priority through and through..

How do I pick up my cash?

As we mentioned in the previous question, lenders are conveniently located. During a comprehensive conversation with a specialist that covers payment plans and terms, location will also be covered. We don’t base pick up on just your address. Since there are so many locations throughout Arizona, it’s possible to pick up cash at other locations–such as near your work or an errand–in order to make the experience easier.

When it comes to picking up cash, here’s what is involved: drive a short distance to a lender, show a car registration or provide a car title for collateral (depending on the type of loan), and drive away with more money than you came with. It’s fast and couldn’t be more streamlined, which helps borrowers who need cash as soon as possible.