Car Title Loans in Prescott

Car Title Loans in Prescott

Life can really throw some curve balls at us financially. Just when you think you’re in good shape, you may find you have unexpected bills that you just don’t have the money for. To add to the frustration, it can be especially difficult to get short-term loans if you have poor credit or are even self-employed.

So, after exploring various options, and you still have no solution to your money problems, you might consider checking into secured title loans in Prescott. Title loans are often the perfect kind of loan for those that need quick cash on a short-term basis. To get cash for an emergency, paying bills, home repairs or for any other reason, you simply apply online right here at Approved Money with your title as collateral.

We have a number of skilled and experienced loan representatives that understand just exactly what you’re going through. They answer all your questions and explain the loan process in easy to understand terms, so you can feel confident about your decision to get a title loan for instant cash. Applying takes just a few minutes, loans are approved quickly, and you will probably have your money in 24 hours or less.

Benefits of Title Loans Prescott

• Customers are delighted to learn how quickly they can get instant cash. It’s usually available in just about 24 hours.

• Flexible payment terms for everyone that applies. We’re happy to work with individual customers on terms that work for them and their budgets.

• Online applications, which are simple and fast. There’s no need to meet in an office to start the process.

• Even though a loan is secured by the automobile, you can still drive it anywhere you want. There are no driving restrictions.

• We offer great interest rates, which helps to lower payments.

• No credit worries when qualifying.

• We are especially delighted when customers can pay off loans early, and there are no fees attached for early repayments.

• Stress relief is just around the corner. Knowing that you have access to fast cash from a professional company like Approved Money helps to relieve stress.

Qualifying for Title Loans Prescott

Rest assured that Arizona title loans are easy enough to get these days for most people. To qualify, you must have some type of income. Naturally, you’ll need income to pay back your loan, but we are fairly lenient when it comes to income and the source of that income. For example, even if you aren’t employed at the time of your application, but you have income from other sources like retirement funds or Social Security, you’ll more than likely be approved.

If you like the idea of a title loan, you must own the auto clear and free and have your copy of the title. For those folks that are still paying for their vehicles, we also offer registration loans in Arizona.

Don’t let no credit, poor credit, bankruptcy or a slow payment history affect your decision to apply for cash. Approved Money doesn’t use your credit information to approve loans. In the past, most of us have agonized over loan approval because of our credit history. The fact is, credit scores are not a factor when it comes to loan approval.

Application Method

Undoubtedly, many people simple dread the thought of applying for loans. For this reason, we have designed the loan process to be as simple as possible. In just a little under a minute, you’ll have our online form completed and ready to submit.

To get started, look up the year of your truck, car or minivan and write down the make, model and style. Estimate your mileage, and don’t forget to include a bit of personal information like your name and contact information, so we’ll be able to stay in touch and converse about the loan. After you have input all the required fields, simply submit the form.

In a matter of just 10 seconds, you’ll receive confirmation of your application and an instant quote with the amount for loan approval. No more waiting, assuming or guessing. After receiving the instant quote, you can decide whether this is beneficial and something you want to move forward with. If so, contact our professional representatives to continue your application and get answers to questions.

Registration Loans

We know how neat title loans are for most customers, but we also realize that everybody doesn’t necessarily have the pink slip on their automobile. Therefore we have something very similar to title loans without a clear title called registration loans.

You’ll receive the same great customer service, all the benefits of title loans and just as fast service. The only difference between the two types of loans is that you’ll need to submit the registration for the vehicle to us instead of the tittle. It is really that simple.

How Much Cash?

A lot of folks are often surprised at just how much cash their car can bring them. Of course, we receive apps for all different types of automobiles of varying ages and conditions.

The first thing we do is take a look at the type of vehicle and the age. Newer automobiles typically bring in more money. We’ll also be looking at the condition and take into consideration how well the car has been cared for.

In addition, your mileage also makes a difference. Vehicles with less mileage and good condition result in higher offers. Experienced loan processors will also check the Kelly Blue Book to use as a basis when determining the current value of vehicles.

Instead of guessing what your truck or car could be worth and the loan amount you might receive, take a moment to get the real numbers by filling out the quick online loan calculator.


Regardless of the type of loan or the amount you’re considering, you never want to jump into a loan without first understanding your obligations and those of the company you’re conducting business with.

As a matter a fact, the folks at Approved Money prefer that you understand how these loans work, your obligations and payment arrangements. Before signing a contract with us for title loans in Prescott, talk to the loan processor to discuss anything you’re concerned about.

By law, you’re entitled to know the financing rate, fees and any other costs associated with one of these loans. Arizona does limit interest charges. For example, loans for $500 or less cannot be greater than 17 percent, and loans from $500 to $2,500 can’t be more than 15 percent.

As you can see, getting title loans in Prescott or a quick registration loan is easy and fast with Approved Money.