Car Title Loans Payson

Car Title Loans Payson

Title loans are easy to get. Anyone can get one! Anyone who has a paid-for vehicle. Title loans are loans that are given using the value of your vehicle as collateral. Title loans Payson are available from, Approved Money is a professional lender that offers great rates and fantastic service. A title loan can rescue someone in a financial emergency. If you are short of money and need to pay a bill, whether it’s rent or mortgage, a medical bill, car repairs, or school expenses, a title loan might provide the money you need to make ends meet. You can use a title loan for any purpose, of course, so you can even use one to pay for a vacation or upgrades to your home. Best of all, good credit is not required, and you can have cash in hours.

Start Your Title Loan on the Approved Money Website

To start your loan, fill out the form on our website labeled See How Much You Can Get! Provide details on your vehicle, including year, make, model, and mileage, and provide simple contact information, including name, phone, email, and zip code, and submit! You will instantly see the pre-approved amount of your loan. Call us or we will call you within a few minutes, between the hours of 9 am. and 7 pm. Arizona time. Submit an inquiry 24 hours per day, and if you submit it overnight, we will call you first thing in the morning. Provide us with your driver’s license, auto registration, and proof of income. We will process your loan in a hurry and we will not need to check your credit. Good credit or bad, with a paid-for vehicle, you will qualify! Title loans Payson are just that easy. Have questions? Ask one of our loan experts or ok at our FAQs.

Title Loans in Payson Follow Arizona Law

Title loans in Arizona are regulated by the Arizona Department of Financial Institutions (AZDFI). The AZDFI publishes useful brochures on various financing topics. It also accepts complaints filed by consumers, and it will investigate complaints to make sure that laws are followed by lenders. A title loan company in Arizona is known as a secondary motor finance company. Laws governing title loan companies are found in the Arizona Revised Statutes. Federal law applies, too, with title loan companies being subject to the federal Truth in Lending Act. Title loans Payson must follow the law.

Useful Information on Arizona Title Loans

There is also the Arizona Title Loan Association, which is an organization made up of title loan companies in Arizona that have committed to conducting business in compliance with state and federal law. They have an excellent website, located at, where they provide a list of members, best practices of association members, consumer information, and regulations that apply to title loan companies. AZTLA also accepts complaints from consumers, and complaints can be posted on the website. The website provides a guide to the Appropriate Uses of Auto Title Loans, which advises that a title loan will meet someone’s urgent need for money to pay bills, a small business owner’s need for working capital, and the needs of someone who does not have sufficient credit to pursue mainstream financing through a bank. The website provides news releases from AZTLA, along with an excellent list of links to other related websites.

Get Same Day Cash With a Title Loan from Approved Money

A title loan is an excellent resource for anyone who has encountered a sudden need for money. Approved Money can help you to meet that need. Aside from title loans, we also offer registration loans in Arizona. For title loans Payson, Approved Money is the best resource you can find. Fill in the request form, and get an instant free loan quote. Talk with one of our loan experts and we will be able to meet your needs.