Car Title Loans in Page

Car Title Loans in Page

What Exactly are Title Loans in Page?

You may have heard of auto title loans as a quick way to get money. But you’re also probably wondering exactly what they are, how they work and if they are worth it.

The answer is YES! At Approved Money you can use the current value on any vehicle you own to get a loan in the hundreds deposited right into your checking or savings account. Title loans in Arizona are the perfect way to use an asset you already have to take care of money issues and pull you out of a financial hardship. To be eligible for title loans in Page you merely need to own your automobile outright. You must possess a hard copy of the title so that you can use it as collateral for the loan. We also offer registration loans in Arizona that can help you with any cash flow problems you may have.

Many customers remember when they had to trek to the actual place of business to obtain a loan. It wasn’t always easy, especially if you didn’t drive or you had to take time off of work. With title loans in Page you only have to jump on your computer. You can even fill out an application for title loans in Page from your smartphone!

Why are Title Loans Page Useful?

This is a simple answer, and one we are glad to talk about! At Approved Money, we strive to ensure that we get you the most cash for the equity of your vehicle. Our company also makes sure that we get you the money that you are due as soon as we can. Bank loans take forever to come through and the application process can be a nightmare. Our loan process doesn’t involve a lot of unnecessary paperwork. We don’t even ask for a credit check. Try that with your bank and see how far it gets you!

Our title loans in Page allow our customers to borrow money quickly and easily. Since there are no credit checks, we can approve you almost instantly, as long as you have the title to your vehicle to use as collateral. You’ll get the cash that you need within 24 hours or less in most cases. We also allow extensions on our loans in the event you can’t pay the money back in time. Since we don’t worry about credit scores, a late payment to us won’t affect your rating at all. It only gives you extra time!

How to Get a Quote

Just fill out the following information and you’ll get a free quote within seconds:

  1. Name
  2. Contact information
  3. Make and model of the vehicle
  4. Mileage
  5. Address and zip code

This is all you really need to get a loan from Approved Money. You can use your cash to pay off credit cards, overdue utility bills, home repairs, car repairs, other loans and much more.

Legal Regulations in Arizona

Maximum amount to borrow:

No max

Costs in Interest Fees:

  • $500 or less- 17% per month
  • $501 through $2,500- 15% per month
  • $2,501 through $5,000- 13% per month
  • $5,000 or more- 10% per month

Law Citations Concerning Title Loans:

Motor Vehicle Time Sales Disclosure Act

Eligible Vehicles:

Any vehicle is eligible, provided the owner has the title in hand and it is not a motor home being used as a primary residence.

Title loans from Approved Money can help you get back on your feet. We understand it isn’t always easy to set aside money for an emergency, especially when you are already living from payday-to-payday and struggling as it is. Let us help you with a cash loan today!