Car Title Loans in Glendale

Car Title Loans in Glendale

Life can be absolutely rough every now and then. Everyone falls on hard times at one point or another, and sometimes it can be devastating to not have the money that you need to get by. Millions of Americans fall below the poverty line every day in the United States and it gets worse as the cost of living just keeps going up.

Trying to juggle all the bills can be downright impossible for many people, especially those with families or who are single parents. Title loans in Glendale can help get you out of a financial rut and onto bigger and better places with your cash flow. At you can use an asset that you already own as collateral for a cash loan that will help you out of a financial bind.

Glendale and Phoenix title loans are short term loans that are available for customers that don’t have the resources to borrow money elsewhere. Not everyone has a savings account or money stashed under their mattress for a rainy day. For too many people it can be almost impossible to pay all the bills, let alone save money for when you have an emergency.

But a title loan can fix that. Using your vehicle as collateral for a loan can help you gain hundreds of dollars in your account within just 24 hours after you are approved. The best part is, you can use this money for anything you wish.

Following the Title Loans Glendale Application Process

Applying for title loans in AZ is a completely safe and easy process that can be done online, day or night. We offer an application procedure that guarantees to keep your information protected and secure. You can be pre-approved for a loan in just a matter of minutes after logging on and filling out the necessary paperwork. This will include your:

•Phone number
•Zip code

The form will also need information about the type of vehicle you plan to use as collateral. Any type of car, truck, motorcycle, van, or recreational vehicle can be used, as long as you hold the physical title to it. The title will be used as collateral, not the vehicle itself. That means you will always have your car for the entirety of the loan. You’ll need to provide the:

  • Mileage
  • Make
  • Model

This is all the information you will be required to give in order to receive an estimate from Approved Money. After submitting your request, you will get a free quote concerning how much of a loan you can actually receive for your car. If you are ready to move on with the loan process, one of our loan representatives will call you to go over the rest of the application.

When you are completely approved, the cash is sent directly to your bank account. You can use it as soon as it is deposited, which usually takes 24 hours or less. You can take the cash out or use a debit card or check, the choice is yours! The money is there to do with as you wish, no questions asked.

Why Apply for Cash?

At Approved Money, we understand that sometimes you don’t always have the money lying around to help out in an emergency situation. It can be hard enough just making ends meet with the bills; throw in an emergency and it can be downright impossible. With title loans in Glendale you can have the cash you need for any situation you need it for.

Our loan fees are typically cheaper than what the fee on a cash advance would be if you borrowed from a credit card, especially if they are high-interest cards. If you need money to cover your bank account so your checks don’t bounce, our loans can help. No one wants to go to their employer or parents to ask for money, even when it’s warranted. That is why using your vehicle as collateral can be a great idea.

Our customers use their title or registration loan cash for a variety of purposes, but some of the most common are:

  • Medical bills
  • Utility bills
  • Prescription costs
  • Rent
  • Mortgage
  • Car repairs
  • Home repairs
  • Credit card bills
  • Groceries

The list goes on and on. Plus, you don’t have to take out a loan just because you have an emergency. Some people simply need some extra cash for a much-needed vacation and use a title loan because it’s much quicker than going to the bank for a loan. Or they need to update their wardrobe for a new job and don’t want to wait for their first paycheck. Some people just want some extra cash in their pocket to fall back on.

Don’t Have Great Credit? No Problem!

If you head over to your local bank to try and take out even the smallest loan possible, you’ll be hit with not only tons of paperwork, but a credit check as well. You may be a preferred customer of this bank for years, but if your credit score is in the “poor” or even “good” range, you may be turned down right off the bat. Title loan companies don’t need to look into your past credit history to give you a loan.

Your car title is good enough collateral for them to deposit cash into your account, because they know you will want to pay off the loan in order to keep your vehicle. Therefore, title loans are very useful for borrowers who have had credit problems and cannot receive a traditional type of loan. Even a past repossession of a vehicle will have no bearing on the outcome of your loan, nor will a bankruptcy.

Title Loan Laws in Arizona

The state of Arizona protects all consumers who partake in title loans by instilling laws that each company must adhere to:

  • Per 44-291(G) ARS, the interest on a vehicle title loan cannot exceed 17%.
  • Per 44-287 ARS, each contract must include both the names of the company and the borrower as well as a clear description of the vehicle.
  • Borrowers must be provided upfront with the monthly finance rate in clear, concise terms.
  • Per 44-290 ARS, the lender must provide the borrower with a written statement that reflects the due dates for each payment along with each amount. You may also request a receipt for each cash payment that you make.
  • You may be given the opportunity to extend, or rollover, your title loan if you cannot may the payment on time. This gives you more time to pay off the loan without losing the vehicle to the company.
  • Most vehicles are eligible, as long as the owner has a hard copy of the title. A mobile home that is listed as a permanent residence will not be eligible for a loan.

Title loans are perfectly legal in Arizona. The Department of Financial Institutions is the state agency that licenses all auto title loan companies.

Our loans are a safe alternative to drawn out bank loans and messy credit checks. There is no reason to struggle when you can use your already paid for asset as collateral for a cash loan!